Visconti Mirage Mythos
Athena Turquoise Rollerball
This year we celebrate the goddess Athena, who in ancient Greece was associated with wisdom, warfare and handicraft, but who later, since the Italian Renaissance, became an international symbol of wisdom, the arts and classical learning. Plus Apollo, god of the arts, music, poetry and science, his symbols are the sun, the lyre, the bow and arrow. Zeus, King of the gods and ruler of Mount Olympus, the thunderbolt is his symbol for excellence. Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, her symbols are the dove and the sparrow. The collection comes in three new colors enhanced with gold powder, corresponding each to a divinity: brown for Apollo, blue for Zeus and purple for Aphrodite. This is a new Mirage, with innovations that distinguish it at first glance from the basic model, such as the large steel nib (yellow gold plated), the central section made of brass instead of resin, most importantly, the central ring, engraved with MYTHOS and a “V” that symbolizes Mount Olympus.

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