About Us

Pens de Luxe Group of Fine Pen Shops is the largest pen specialty retailer
in Australia. With two retail stores in NSW "Pen Ultimate", two stores in QLD
"The Pen Shoppe" and "The Model Shoppe" and our oldest retail pen specialty
store in WA established in 1907 "T.Sharp & Co.". The Pen Shoppe was originally
founded in Brisbane in 1980 by Barbara and Bruce Nichol. There are now two shops
which serve the Brisbane City area. Offering a full range of services related not only
to pens and handwriting accessories, but also penmanship and calligraphy.

Owner and businesswoman Barbara Nichol has made a study of the history of writing
a specialty that is channelled into the vast range of penmanship materials available in
store, which spans everything from historic implements to high-tech modern inventions.
Nichol’s comprehensive study of writing—and especially of Copperplate, the fastest writing
method that has been developed—has led her to strive for a range of pens and writing
equipment that caters to serious writers, artists, calligraphers and other professionals.

Writing enthusiasts and visitors to the stores will also enjoy inspecting the
Vintage Pen Museums, including the oldest known style of Fountain Pen,
dated 1701.  Pen-Ultimate at the Queen Victoria Building is the rebirth of 
“The Olde Curiosity Shoppe”. Our expert and knowledgeable staff are able
to provide the best of service including on-the-spot Engraving, Pen Repairs,
Calligraphy Service, Mail Order, Gift Selection Assistance with gift-wrapping.

Australian writers and pen lovers are enthusiastic about our stores which have a
classical style similar to many of our most popular pens, such as the iconic
Montblanc 149 Meisterstuck Fountain Pen, with its oversize nib and always a
favourite of the Professional Writer.  Our brands include all of the wonderful
ranges from around the world.....items that would make life more enjoyable
whether it be cufflinks, leather accessories or writing instruments. We have the
best of everything Limited Edition Pens, Bottled Inks and Writing Accessories.

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