Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of Year
2021 Knights Edition Fountain Pen
The Pen of the Year 2021 is inspired by medieval knights, their heroes, myths and legends. The young men’s training took 14 years. In addition to hunting, riding, loyalty, spirituality and martial arts, it also included dancing, swimming and climbing. Upon completion of the training at the age of 21, the men received their knightly accolade ennobling them. In the Middle Ages, the strongest prevailed, therefore skillful sword fighting and the nature of his weapons played a central role in a knight’s life. The Pen of the Year 2021 is inspired by the impressive armour of the age of chivalry. The writing instrument’s brown grip zone recreates the leather strap on the sword’s grip and prevents the pen from slipping while writing. The Pen of the Year’s end piece is adorned with a red, faceted garnet with sunray cut. In the Middle Ages, this precious stone embodied light and truth and was used for jewellery, weapons and burials. Due to its hardness and high refraction of light, the valuable garnet was also called a “carbuncle”, which refers to a gemstone with magical properties capable of providing its own illumination.

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