Visconti Divina Metropolitan
Grey Black Midsize Fountain Pen
The new Divina Metropolitan takes inspiration from Visconti’s classic ‘Divine Proportion’ collection, drawing on the art and science of the Renaissance period. The Metropolitan features the same amazing shape and characteristics of the ground-breaking Visconti Divina model: the ratio of the pen body and cap are measured in accordance with the golden mean, 1.618, the ideal aesthetic ratio; the pen integrates the Nautilus or ‘Golden Spiral’ concept through the pen with spiraling solid silver rods. Visconti has enriched the pen with its timeless ‘Wall Street’ celluloid in Grey-Black or deep Green. The celluloid’s reflective nature is fascinating to behold, reminiscent of the illuminated Manhattan skyline. The Metropolitan’s iconic design offers luxury, functionality and a great feel in the hand.

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